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Nick Maxwell was in the second day of teaching a group of 20 Nigerians the skills necessary to serve as emergency medical technicians (EMT) when a bus carrying a group of student nurses overturned. As the EMT classes were taking place at a hospital in close proximity to the accident, Maxwell, a fellow EMT and Teacher Jessica Bedi, and their students found themselves thrust into the very centre of resuscitation efforts.  Victims of the crash began arriving at the hospital and many of the students- ranging in occupation from physicians and nurses to businessmen-rushed out of the classroom and into a maelstrom of confusion, blood and tears. We were in the middle of practising oxygen therapy and we looked up and half the class was gonesaid Maxwell, a Creighton University Senior from Plymouth, Minnesota. On day three, we were going to talk about trauma and shock. But now, you got to see how they operated. It provided a great opportunity to coach them and observe some of their procedures and also note the little cultural differences you find when you see how great healthcare is practised in different parts of the world

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